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B*72: Foundation Kit


Supplies for 2 for 72 hours
Where the Boltwell preparation system starts
What's included
What you need to know

What’s included

What you need to know

Don’t let its name fool you. The B*72 is not a WWII bomber. However, it is ‘the bomb’ when it comes to being ready for almost anything.

As the B*72 is the foundation of the Boltwell preparedness system, it has virtually everything two people need to get through a 72-hour emergency, including medical supplies, water purification solutions, energy bars, tools, makeshift shelter, and personal care products. We’ve designed the B*72 to be the cornerstone on which you build your family’s emergency preparedness plan.

And because we know no two families are alike, we give you the option to customize your kit with Add-On Supplies. These Add-On collections are designed to address situations that are more likely to occur based on your personal circumstances, particularly where you live.

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These Add-On Supplies are specifically designed to supplement your B*72. They are not mean to be used as stand-alone kits. Make sure you own a B*72 (or plan to get one) before you use these Add-On Supplies)

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